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NCW the ECW to TNA's WWE by Mike Vincent Parsons

Hey everyone, you all know me as "MVP" in TNA. I thought I'd start a writing columns for all the MVPeons, Cocklovers, Azrielites, and other TNA fans out there. I'll try and keep this up to date if I can be arsed. Yeah so...

Three weeks ago HHHitler gave his resignation to the TNA office, and since most of the TNA roster works under a verbal contract he was able to leave for free. Little did anyone know that a week later he would form Nazi Championship Wrestling to compete with TNA. Most of us including myself saw NCW as a joke. C'mon, who would want to see a show whose promotion is owned by a notorious Neo-Nazi? Not me, my job as one of the guys that puts the butts in the TNA seats seems pretty safe. Little did any of us know that NCW left some deep lasting footprints within two weeks of its birth.

As RAW is Attitude was drawing in some low numbers (due to my absence from a serious role on the program) NCW guys were backstage making their presence known trying to steal talent, but were only successful at persuading former X-Division champion Legend Killer to join the pack--which was merely expendable. NCW was also airing promo tapes during our shows! No one in the upper echelons of TNA were pleased with that one. LC came right out and said that anyone that does any dealings with NCW would be fired on the spot. Most of the backstage pretty much shut up about NCW after that besides the Kliq.

Suddenly NCW's Nazi Nitro did surprisingly well with some TPWW indy guys like Loopydate, Eric Shin, and Zach Morris as their top draws. The ratings for Nazi Nitro certainly got TNA's attention. The split in the fan base reveals an obvious distinction. The fans that prefer traditional wrestling watch TNA, and the fans of extreme hardcore style wrestling are shifting to NCW, which brings me to the point of this write-up: NCW is the ECW to TNA which can be compared to WWE in the early 90's.

Last year The Naitch Administration was created as the internet's first Caption Fed; a dramatic change from the traditional e-feds. A parallel can be drawn to wrestling in the early 90's here. WWE was saturated with flare and gimmicks for the purpose of generating a fan base, which they did, whilst NWA/WCW were focused on the tradtional aspect of wrestling...the wrestling itself (except for all their mini-movies for their PPV's). All of a sudden there is a schism in the C-Fed business which originally broke away from tradition only a year ago. Now TNA is the traditional promotion while NCW is the "bad boy" promotion; seriously I got to seeing some of its work, they're pretty risque, much like ECW was when they formed in 92-93.

It really makes you think how a business can break away from tradition, make a huge impact, and then split itself in only a year. I'm not worried about NCW beating TNA in the ratings. Time will surely take its toll on the splinter C-Fed and their fanbase will return to TNA. Look what happened at the REAL ECW.

Of course this is not to discourage any old skool ECW fans out there I loved ECW...
Well until next time MVPeons.

Colum done by MVP