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Updated: 7/2/05
Now you can showcase your TNA pride, or just look like your favorite wrestler with top of the line TNA merchandise.
Still under construction. So far all we got are shirts, but check'em out.
All T-Shirts are available from XXS to XXXL.

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Official TNA T-shirt $15.00 Also Available in White and Grey

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I Love Imageshack $12.00 Also Available in Grey and Black


"Paul sucks" T-Shirt $20.00

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Viva La TNA $20.00 Also Available in Grey
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E-Feds Suck $20.00

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The Dude: Owwwww Have Mercy $20.00

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RAW is MVP $20.00

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LC: You Got Swerved $20.00 Also available in Black and Grey

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Innovator: Destiny $20.00

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Madman: Gonner $20.00


Cock-a-phobe $25.00

El Satan "Abandon All Hope" Hoodie 30.00

Lightning "XWC Diva" Women's Baseball Shirt 15.00

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MVP: 100% of MVPeons $20.00

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LC: Denied $15.00

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Zack Attack $20.00

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James Steele: Shut Up You Ignorant Ass $15.00

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Team Sexy T-Shirt $15.00 Also available in pink, purple, and white


(The) Savior is here. $15.00

Vegas, women bikini 20.00

Thunder "Your Ass Will Be Thunderized" Shirt 15.00

The products above are entirely fictious. This page is for entertainment purposes only.  Seriously, don't e-mail me.
Developed by Paul Carrington and Mike Poirier