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TNA World Title                                  
TRO (4 months)
Loose Cannon (2 months) 
Joey Radd  (3 months 1 week)             
Joey Radd* (1 month 1 week)                               
The Cock (2 months)                          
Nowhere Man (1 month)  
The Cock (3 months)   
Invisible (1 day)                       
The Cock (29 days)
MVP (4 months)
Innovator (4 months)
Azriel (1 month 2 weeks) *Death of TNA
Madman (1 month)
Innovator (2 months 1 week)
TRO (1 month)
Madman (2 months)
James Steele (...)
*Joey Radd was stripped of the TNA World Title after TPWWE floundered. However Joey Radd won a battle royal to determine the new TNA World Champion.

Paul Carrington (1 week)
Loose Cannon (1 week),
TRO (1 week until vacant)
Paul Carrington (2 months)
TRO (Unified TNA belt with VB)
Paul Carrington (7 months)
Splaya (1 month)
MVP (1 week then vacated)
HHHitler (1 week) 
Azriel (1 day)
The Dub (Month and 1 week)
Rick Theodore (2 months)
SuperSlim (3 months)
Paul Carrington (1 month)
Madman (1 month)
Mahagee (Unified title with X-title)
Paul (1 month 2 weeks)
The Dub (1 week)
TRO (2 months)

MVP (1 week)
TRO (1 month)
Danny Electric (3 months)
TRO (3 months)
The Dub (1 month)
Joey Radd (1 week)
Zack Morris (2 months and 1 week)
LK (2 months)
AC (1 month)
DE (1 month)
AC (1 month 2 weeks)

Tag Titles
Shaggy/Invisible (1 month)
Slim/Ilt_Undertaker (2 months)
Azriel/Scorpion (2 months)
TRO/DE* (3 months)
Technically Superior (1 month)
SuperSlim/Rick Theodore (2 months)
MVP/Joey Radd (2 weeks)
The Nobodies (3 months)
Loose Cannon/Outsider (2 and a half months)
Outsider/Gerardo Fantana** (1 day)
Loose Cannon/Zach Morris (1 month)
Azriel/Madman (1 month 1 day)
Invisible and Mahagee (2 months)
El Satan and Thunder (2 months)
*Went vacant
**LC dropped the title.

Inactive Championships
VBX: Mahagee (1 m), James Steele (2 m), Roider (2 m), Vegas (1 m) Paul (Vacated for VB title)
Xtreme: Legend Killer, Invisible/Innovator*, Azriel, Innovator, Mahagee
*Innovator and Invisible simultaneously pinned Legend Killer to become co-holders of the X Title
TPWW Hardcore: List is too long. Let's just say that Paul Carrington was the last guy to hold it.
Developed by Carrington and Mike Poirier