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TNA Stables past and past and present.

Members: Jack Icon, Johnny Vegas, Roider
Titles held: VBX (Vegas)
Feuds: Cock, FTW, Paul Carrington
Histroy: Jack Icon scouted for afew weeks, and was seen looking at Roider and Vegas. Roider lost to the finger poke to Vegas, and Icon came out, dumping ftw and forming the stable.
Members: Big Vic, Menedez, Grease, Jack Icon (Former).
Titles held: None
Feuds: D-flex, Nobodies, PDD
Histroy: FTW was created around the C-feds got their own stage, Spaming TNA mocking the current state of C-feds. They are now lackeys to Paul Carrington.
Team Sexy 05:
Members: Danny Eletric, Paul Carrington
Titles held: Vbulletin/VBX (Paul)
Feuds: MVP, Radd
Histroy: Team Sexy was reborn and Named "Team Sexy 05" when Paul Carrington came out and helped DE defeat Joey Radd.

Past Stables:
Members: James Steele, DE, El Satan, Thunder, Lightning, MNM, Rene Saunce.
Titles held: IC (DE) Tag Titles (El Satan, Thunder)
Life span: Forum frenzy - Forummania (2 months)
Feuds: Innovator, MVP, LK/Answer, Slater, Invisible/Mahagee, Zack Morris.
History: XWC Invaded TNA when James steele entered the frenzy and attacked MVP. The next show all of XWC came to TNA and made an Impact. XWC died when James Steele went on Hiatus, DE joined Team Sexy 05, and  El satan and Thunder starterd feuding with each other...All other members we're fired.
Members: Nowhereman, Invisible, Innovator, Mahagee, PDD
Titles held: TNA World Title (Invisible, Innovator) Tag (Invisble/Innovator, Invisible Mahagee) VBX (Mahagee) X (Invisible, Innovator, Mahagee)
Life Span: 8 months
Feuds: LC, Azriel, Madman, Cock, MVP, Paul, James Steele.
History: Nobodies was (arguably) the most successful group in TNA. The group originally consisted of NM/Invisible, but blood blood between them broke it up. Innovator/Invisible formed a new Nobodies for awhile with PDD as thier manager, then it faded away. Then the trio came together of NM/Invisible/Innovator which soon later added Mahagee to the list. They all went their seperate ways due to complications in the end, and the Nobodies rest.
Real Gangstas:
Members: Paul, Vegas, Triple OG
Titles held: None
Life Span: 2 weeks
Feuds: Nobodies, James Steele/Justun Stoppable, FTW
History: The Real Gangsta fell apart right after they started due to the death of Triple OG and Paul walking out on TNA.
KPW Smark foundation:
Members: Loose Cannon, MVP, Zack Morris, Vietnamese Crippler, Miss Zelda
Titles held: World (MVP), IC (Zack), KPW World (VC)
Life Span: 3 months
Feuds: The Nobodies, Dusty Desmarais, Legend Killer
History: LC created the smark foundation with Zack, shortly after Zack jumped to TNA. after KPW folded LC, Zack, and VC took control of TNA at Here to Stay. MVP turned against TNA and joined KPW at Up Your Ass. Innovator defeated MVP for the World title and control of TNA at Heat Stroke.
Members: Paul, Radd, Madman
Titles held: IC (Radd) VB (Paul, Madman)
Life Span: 2 Months
Feuds: Zack Morris, Jackal, Super Slim, Each other.
History: Radd was signed back and Madman was just signed. Paul organized the three and all were succesful at Clash of the champions.  Radd then left TNA for NCW leaving Paul and Madman, Who faced off at Caption Day. Shortly after (R)PM disbanded. 
Money Inc:
Members: LC, Cock, Dub, Outsider, Big Cos, Mr. Marcus
Titles held: World (Cock), Tag (LC/Outsider)
Life Span: 4 months
Feuds: Nowhere Man, MVP, D-SEX, Splaya, Paul, Invisible
History: Money Inc. was created LC and Mr. Marcus helped Cock defeat NM for the World title at Forumania II. Outsider was revealed to be Mr. X. Money Inc. was a dominant stable in TNA until LC turned against Cock at Raining Blood and helped Invisible win the World title.
Members: TRO, DE
Titles held: IC (TRO)
Life Span: 2 months
Feuds: Money Inc.
History: Formed after Forumania II DE and TRO came out and shed their Team sexy shirts to reveal D-sex shirts. They then went on to defeat Money Inc. at Cock bottom but shortly split after.
Hollywood Connection:
Members: Cock, MVP, Radd, Innovator
Titles held: World (Cock) Tag (Radd/MVP)
Life Span: - Forummania 2
Feuds: Nowhereman, Paul/Dub, LK
History: Innovator had a title match with LC, Cock MVP and Radd ran out and screwed LC killing Raddical Kingdom and forming Hollywood Connection. 
Team Sexy:
Members: TRO, DE, Paul, Naitch, Invisible, Shaggy, Radd, Slim 
Titles held: TNA (TRO) IC (TRO, DE) VB (Paul) Tag(Invisble/Shaggy, TRO/DE, Slim)
Life Span: 11 months
Feuds: C.O.O., A-unit, RW, Each other
Raddical Kingdom:
Members:Joey Radd, MVP, LC, Paul
Titles held: TNA (Radd) IC (MVP)
Life Span: 3 months
Feuds: Cock, Dub, TRO
History: With TNA back in business LC wanted to make sure TNA would go to new heights so he formed R.K. however Cocky took out Radd. Radd questioned who's side LC was on and eventually turned on him.
Members: Disturbed, Outsider, TRO, DE, Invisible, Paul
Titles held: TPWWE (Disturbed), Tag (TRO/DE)
Life Span: 3 months
Feuds: TNA, Naitch
History: Outsider vowed to bring back his TPWWE and kill TNA. He was successful until LC bought out TPWWE and resurcted TNA.
Members: Too many (16)
Titles held: World (Joey Radd) VB (Paul)
Life Span: 5 days
Feuds: TNA
History: Radd and Paul decided to bring in alot of new members in hopes to create a new company owned by Radd....the Stable Flopped
Church of Orton:
Members: LC, Shaggy, Azriel, Scorpion, Splaya, The Father
Titles held: World Title (LC) Tag (Azriel, Scropion)
Life Span: Trapped 1 -
Feuds: Team sexy, Nowhereman, Each other
History: Teams sexies big rival, Started by LC who soo n convinced Shaggy to turn on TS and later LC recruited new guys like Azriel and scorpion and TNA vet Splaya. COO died when NM revealed him self as the father and attacked LC.
Members: Assman, Naitch, Paul, Slim, ilt
Titles held: VB title (Paul) Tag titles (Slim/ilt)
Life Span: TPWW Judgement Day - Forummania 1
Feuds: Team Sexy, LC, Corky
History: The first big time stable led by Assman and GM Naitch, Each male star broke out and became main eventers.
Members: Splaya, TRO, Slim
Titles held: None
Life Span: Pre C-fed days - TPWW Judgement day
Feuds: LC, Naitch, Paul
History: One of the first stables in TNA. Not much happened due to the quick depature of all members.