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Updated 07/09/05


"The Idol" Danny eletric
1 time Tag champ
2 time IC champ
First and last XWC champ
Noteable feuds: TRO, Slater, LPD, The Church
El satan
1 time Tag champ
Noteable feuds: Thunder, LK/Answer, El purehatred
(L-R) Nick Grease, Big Vic, Jose Mendez
Fuck the World (FTW)
All Former Hardcore Champs
Noteable feuds: D-flex, PDD
James Steele
led XWC
1 Time VBX Champ
Noteable feuds: Innovator, MVP, Mahagee, TNA
"Action" Jack Icon
led FTW
leads D-flex
Noteable feuds: Hateman, Cock, FTW
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Loose Cannon (Quit)
1 Time World Champion
1 Time TPWWE Champ
1 Time VB Champ
2 Time Tag Champ
Former TNA Head Booker
Led The Church of Orton
Leader of The KPW Smark Foundation
Noteable feuds: TRO, Nowherman, Jabba, Team Sexy
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1 Time VB Champ
1 Time Tag Champ
Noteable feuds: Invisible, Azriel, Innovator, Paul
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Miss Zelda (Ring Announcer)
1 Time TPWWE Champion
1 Time Tag Champ
Manager of Azriel
Noteable feuds: Naitch
4 time VB champ
1 Time VBX Champ
1 time NCW Tag champ
Last Hardcore champ
First VBulletin champ
Co-led TRU
Led "Real Gangstas"
Noteable feuds: Splaya, Slim, Cock, Vegas
Rob Roider
TNAs most popular fag
1 time VBX champ
Noteable feuds: Vegas, Paul
Rob. E
Manager of Madman and Slater
1 time Tag champ
Noteable feuds: El Satan, LK/Thunder
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Zach Morris
1 Time IC Champ
1 Time Tag Champ
Noteable feuds: Azriel, LPD, Redeemer, MVP


The Answer
Noteable feuds: Chuck Jones, El Satan/Thunder
A.C. Slater
1 time IC champ
Noteable feuds: Nes Kwik, DE
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2 Time Tag Champ
1 Time X Champ
1 Time VB Champ
Noteable feuds: Madman, Innovator, Dub, Team sexy
Bret "Hateman" Hart (MIA)
Noteable feuds: Jack Icon
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The Dude
TNA Head Booker
Noteable feuds: HHHitler, Cocky
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Dusty Desmarais
Former booker
Noteable feud: VC
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1 Time World Champ
2 Time X Champ
1 Time Tag Champ
Noteable feuds: MVP, Madman, Azriel, Invisible
1 Time World Champ
1 Time X Champ
3 Time Tag Champ
First Tag Champ
Noteable feuds: Madman, Innovator, Nowhereman, Paul
Joey Radd
2 time TNA champ
1 time IC champ
1 time German Champ (NCW)
1 time Tag Champ
Noteable feuds: Cock, Purehatred, Zack Morris, Paul
Johnny Vegas
1 time VBX champion
Noteable feuds: Roider, Paul
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Legend Killer
1 Time IC Champ
1 Time X Champ
First X Champ
Noteable feuds: Slater, Morris, Innovator, Invisible
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1 time tag champ
1 (last) Time X Champ
1 (last) Time VB Champ
First VBX Champ
Noteable feuds: Madman, James Steele, El Satan/Thunder
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Mike Vincent Parsons
1 Time World Champ
1 Time VB Champ
1 Time Tag Champ
1 Time IC Champ
First IC Champ
Host of the Hi-Lite Reel
Noteable feuds: Cock, NM, Innovator, TRO
Nowhere Man
1 Time World Champ
Leads The Nobodies
Noteable feuds: LC, Cock, MVP
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PDD (Crippled)
Managed the Nobodies
Noteable feud(s): FTW 

Sunday Night Jobber Roster
Captain America, The Office Plant, Dazz Dupree, "Scary" Scott Chabot, Dark Kane, D-Unit, Dancing Queen, Nes-Kwik
Developed by Paul Carrington and Mike Poirier