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Updated 11/7/05

TPWW Early Days
Judgment Day (TPWW)
Ilt pinned Rabid Wolverine
Shaggy def. Invisible via pinfall
Slim and Savior fought to a No Contest after beating Splaya
Loose Cannon def. The Naitch with the LCKO
World Champion The Ravishing One def. Ass Man by pinfall after guest referee Savior
  attacked Ass Man

Forum Frenzy (TPWW)
Savior def. Eminem in a Freestyle Rap Battle
Dark Kane def. Splaya by pinfall
Ass Man won the Forum Frenzy Battle Royal
World Champion The Ravishing One pinned SuperSlim due to Savior

Trapped (TPWW)
Rabid Wolverine pinned Splaya
Shaggy and Invisible def. AssMan and The Naitch, and Corkscrewed and Loose
  Cannon in a TLC Triple Threat match to win the TNA Tag Team titles
The Ravishing One retained the World Title against Savior after Superslim interfered
TNA Glory Days

Forumania (TPWW)
Savior unified the VBulletin title with the Hardcore title by pinning Rabid Wolverine
The Office Plant def. Splaya
Ilt and SuperSlim def. Team Sexy and The Caption crew to win the Tag Team titles
World Chamion The Ravishing One def. Ass Man after The Naitch interfered
Intoxication (TPWW)
Savior def. Rabid Wolverine and Splaya
Superslim and ilt defeated Scropion
lil naitch defeated assman
Shaggy def Invisble
Faust def Funky fly
LC def. TRO to win the TNA title

Raining Blood (TNA)
Milfman wrestled Rabid Wolverine to a No Contest
Ass Man def. Lil' Naitch in a Toys R' Us Brawl
The Church of Orton def. Team Sexy/SuperSlim/Ilt in a War Games match. 
  According  to a pre-match stipulation: Loose Cannon retained the World title and
  Shaggy and Scorpion won the Tag Titles from Superslim and Ilt
Joey Radd wrestled Savior to a No Contest

Spring Bash (TNA)
Savior retained the VBulletin title against Ass Man
Team Sexy won the Tag Team Titles in tables elimination match including Scorp, RW, Azriel and Shagg.
The Naitch def. Outsider to earn a shot at the TPWWE World title
El purehatread w/ El nino defeated El Santo for a shot at the TNA title
Disturbed pinned The Cock to win the TPWWE World Title after Mr. Marcus interfered
Joey Radd (w/ Savior) pinned TNA World Champion Loose Cannon to win the title
Nowhereman then attacked LC

Sickness (TNA)
The Office Plan def. Scorpion
Dazz pinned SuperSlim
Splaya pinned Rabid Wolverine to earn a VBulletin Title shot
TRO and Danny defeated Azreal and Shaggy in Tag title match 
El Santo def. El Nino forcing him to unmask
Savior retained the vBulletin title against Invisible in a cage match
Loose Cannon pinned Nowhere Man to earn a TPWWE World title shot
The Cock def. Outsider
Joey Radd retained the TNA World title against El Pure Hatred after Ilt interfered.
Disturbed beat the Naitch to retain the TPWWE title

Summer Jam at the beach (TNA)
Rabid Wolverine won the Jobber Challenge
MVP def. Dazz to become to earn a VBulletin Title shot
Mr. Marcus def. The Naitch in a Retirement Match
Nowhere Man def Azriel in a "father on a pole" match
The Cock cut an interview
Splaya def. VBulletin Champion Savior to win the title when Savior gave up after a dog peed on him
Joey Radd pinned TRO in an elimination chamber match to retain the TNA World title
Loose Cannon def. TPWWE World Champion Disturbed to win the title after The Dude interfered
Confusion days

Up Your Ass (TPWWE)
Savior def. SuperSlim by submission
MVP def. VBulletin champion Splaya, Rabid Wolverine, and Dazz Dupree in a
  Fatal Four Way match to win the title
TPWWE World Champion Loose Cannon def. Disturbed and Nowhere Man in a Triple  Threat title match
TNA World Champion Joey Radd retained the title by pinning The Ravishing One four  falls to three in an Iron Man match.
Boom period

Heat Stroke (LCs TNA)
Azriel def. HHHitler to win the vacant VBulletin title
The Dub def. Innovator by count out after Innovator refused to enter the ring
Technically Superior won the TNA Tag Team titles by def. Wave of the Future and
  Splaya and Edge in a Triple Threat TLC Match
Nowhere Man def. Invisible in a Hell in a Cell match after burning him alive
The Ravishing One pinned Intercontinental Champion MVP to win the title
Loose Cannon def. Shaggy after Azriel interfered and betrayed Shaggy
Paul was shown groping Ilt.
World Champion Joey Radd retained the title against El Nino and Danny Electric in a
  Triple Threat Ladder match

Cool  Breeze (LCs TNA)
Azriel def. Shaggy in an "I Quit" Match
The Dude pinned HHHitler after Edge interfered
MVP def. Splaya by Submission
SuperSlim and Rick Theodore def. Technically Superior to win the Tag Team titles
The Dub pinned OWW Owner in a triple threat also including Paul.
Innovator pinned Loose Cannon after a DDT onto a chair
Danny Electric def. Intercontinental Champion The Ravishing One to win the title
The Cock pinned World Champion Joey Radd to win the title
Short Changed (LCs TNA)
HHHitler pinned Splaya
Legend Killer def. Sting Fan and Remy Red to win the vacant Xtreme title
Rick Theodore pinned VBulletin champion The Dub to win the title after Scary Scott 
Intercontinental Champion Danny Electric retained the title by def. Invisible, SuperSlim, 
  and The Ravishing One in a Fatal Four Way
Nowhere Man/Paul Carrington/Azrael/Shaggy def. The Cock/Joey Radd/MVP/Innovator
  in a War Games match
Forum Frenzy (LCs TNA)
MVP won the Forum Frenzy Battle Royal last eliminating The Dub
Nowhere Man pinned World Champion The Cock to win the title
Forumania II (LCs TNA)
Shaggy pinned Helmsphere
Splaya/Azriel/Octavius Dresnar/Captain America def. The Axis of Evil
Invisible and Innovator simultaneously pinned Legend Killer to become co-Xtreme
SuperSlim pinned VBulletin champion Rick Theodore to win the title
Paul Carrington def. Joey Radd
The Ravishing One def. Intercontinental Champion Danny Electric to win the title in a
  Ladder Match
MVP def. The Dub in a Cage Match
The Cock def. World Champion Nowhere Man to win the title after Loose Cannon,
  Outsider, and Mr. Marcus interfered
Entertainment Era
Cock Bottom (LCs TNA)
Jackal pinned OWW Owner
Azriel def. Co-Xtreme Champions Invisible and Innovator to win the title
Rick Theodore def. HHHitler and Legend Killer in a Triple Threat match
VBulletin Champion SuperSlim def. Shaggy to retain the title
The Dub def. MVP after knocking him out with a briefcase filled with
  bricks. According to a pre-match stipulation MVP was forced to compete on Sunday
  Night Jobber for 3 weeks.
Paul Carrington def. Eminem in a Cage match to earn a shot at the World title
The Ravishing One/Danny Electric/Splaya def. Money Inc. in an Elimination Match
Intoxication (LCs TNA)
Innovator pinned Xtreme Champion Azriel to win the title in a Hell in a Cell match
VBulletin Champion SuperSlim def. Shaggy to retain the title
The Dub def. Danny Electric to earn a shot at the Intercontinental title
Loose Cannon and Outsider def. Invisible to win the Tag Team titles
Splaya won the Money Inc. Invitational Gauntlet
Intercontinental Champion The Ravishing One pinned Rick Theodore to retain the title
World Champion The Cock def. Paul Carrington after SuperSlim interfered and
  attacked Paul
Raining Blood (LCs TNA)
The Dub pinned Intercontinental Champion The Ravishing One to win the title
MVP and The Naitch def. Outsider and Mr. Marcus, According to a pre-match
  stipulation, MVP received a shot at the World Title
Invisible def. World Champion The Cock to win the title in an 8 Man Hell in a Cell match
  also including Danny Electric, Azriel, SuperSlim, Paul Carrington, Chet Cheesecake,
  and The Jackal
C-fed wars Era
Clash of the Captions (LCs TNA)
Paul Carrington def. VBulletin Champion SuperSlim to win the title in a Cage of
  Death Match
Dusty Desmarais def. Disturbed
Joey Radd def. The Dub for the Intercontinental title
Madman def. The Jackal
MVP pinned World Champion The Cock to win the title.
Caption Day (Kapouts TNA)
Gerardo Fantana won the Battle Royal to win one-half of the TNA Tag Team Titles;  
  Outsider was the special guest referee.
Disturbed def. Mahagee
Madman pinned VBulletin Champion Paul Carrington to win the title
Intercontinental Champion Zach Morris pinned Azriel to retain the title after Legend
  Killer interfered
Nowhere Man def. Loose Cannon
Innovator def. Invisible in a Hangman's Ball match. According to a pre-match
  stipulation: Innovator became #1 contender for the TNA World Title.
World Champion MVP def. The Ravishing One 7 falls to 6 in a 60 min. Iron Man match
  to retain the title
Here to Stay (Kapouts TNA)
Azriel def. Paul Carrington
Xteme Champion Mahagee def. VBulletin Champion Madman to unify the titles
TRO def. Disturbed in a TNA World Title #1 Contenders match.
Madman and A.C. Slater defeated Outsider and the Office Plant to become the #1  
  Contenders for the tag titles
World Champion MVP def. Innovator to retain the title after Innovator passed out due to
  blood loss
The Dude, Zack Morris and Dusty defeated Loose Cannon, Legend Killer, and
  Vietnamese Crippler after LC layed down for Zack
Up Your Ass (NM's TNA)
James Steele pinned VBX Champion Mahagee to win the title in a Best of 3 Falls Triple
  Threat match also featuring Impact Player
Paul Carrington def. The Dub in a Stretcher match
High Stakes Triple Jeopardy match; First Fall: Intercontinental Champion Zack Morris
  pinned Azriel to retain the title; Second fall: Azriel and Madman def. Tag Team
  Champions Loose Cannon and Zack Morris to win the titles; Thrid fall: Legend Killer
  def. Loose Cannon in a steel cage match;  TNA Special Forces win the overall
Innovator pinned TRO in ten seconds to become #1 Contender for the World Title
Disturbed def. The Dude in a Farewell Grudge match
Vietnamese Crippler def. Dusty Desmarais after MVP turned against Dusty and joined
Serious Era
Heat Stroke (NMs TNA)
VBX Champion James Steele def. Impact Player to retain the title
A.C. Slater pinned Nes-Kwik
The Dub def. Paul Carrington after he fell 20 ft. off the tron and the match was called off
Big Vic, Nick Grease, and Jose Mendez def. PDD after a powerbomb from Vic rendered
  PDD unconscious
Madman and Azriel def. Loose Cannon and Vietnamese Crippler to retain the titles
Legend Killer pinned Intercontinental Champion Zack Morris to win the title after
  performing a Killer Clash off the top rope
Innovator pinned World Champ MVP to win the title
Cool Breeze (NM's TNA)
Intercontinental Title: Legend Killer Def The Dub
VBX Title: Wilsn def James Steele by DQ (Roider then came out and beat James for the title)
Tag Team Titles: TLC: Mahagee and Invisible def Paul/Vegas, Steele/Stoppable, Vic/Mendez
Lumberjack Match: Morris def Nowhere Man
Hardcore Match: Chuck Jones def Triple OG
Legends Match: Jack Icon def The HateMan
IC Title #1 Contender's Open Cage Invitational:
Slater won the Turmiol
Innovator Retained his title against Madan after interference by Azriel
Forum Frenzy (NM's TNA)
Innovator retain against Madman and Azriel
Hateman defeated Icon in a last man standing match
Invisble and Mahagee def FTW to retain the titles
Roider pinned Paul after Vegas hit a moon sault on him to retain the VBX title
LK def by Slater to lose the IC title.
Azriel the fourth entrant won the Frenzy.
Trapped (NM's TNA)
El Satan and Thunder won the tag titles from Invisible and Mahagee (LK and answer also took part)
Roider retained his VBX title against paul after Jack Icon came out and put Paul through a table.
Vegas demanded a match from Roider. Roider laid down and vegas became champ. .
DE defeated slater in a IC title match
Azriel defeated dub and ended his career in Hell in a cell
Innovator def Steele and retained his title
MVP defeated Zack then NM attacked MVP because he was the mastermind behind the attack
Forumania III
Tag titles, El Satan and Thunder (c) Def LK and Answer
Paul def VBX Champion Johnny Vegas (c)
#1 Contender for TNA title, Dude Def TRO
Madman def Invisible
IC title, Slater def Zack, DE (c), Steele
MVP def Nowhereman with the help of Joey Radd
"Action" Jack Icon def Cocky J
Azriel became TNA champion wfter defeating Innovator.
Fed-X (MVP/Corky)
Naitch def DE and TRO
Marcyo and CK won the Tag Team turmiol
Hurripimp won the cruiser open
Lightning woon the Diva match
Voldermort def Terrance
Zack def Dub
Splaya pinned Radd to win the fatal fourway (also including Paul and Slim)
MVP def Corky
Team TNA beat Team NCW, MVP then resigned as booker.
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