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Since invisible like to steal my stuff ;)

Commentary taken from Raining Blood thread:

I'll explain how this angle between myself and LC came to be in minor details. First, LC contacted me telling me about this angle and I never knew the reward, he just wanted to build up a feud between him and I. Then plans started to change where LC and Outsider were meant to take the tag titles but then drop the Nobodies the titles in a finger poke of doom at RB. That changed into me defecting to NCW after Intox when I lost the tag titles, being all pissed off.

This plan was meant to be 100% certain: So, I win the NCW tournament and lose the title the same night to LC in a finger poke of doom match, which would have been kewl. Nojabba agreed to these plans till he decided not to go with it due to making the NCW title look weak while caught up in TNA.

LC had to think fast, so I suggested that I get eliminated the 2nd person into the match and then later come out while NM and the Cock are in the ring and I take NM out for the Cock to pin NM, this is when the swerves happens with LC, Invisible, Innovator, the Cock, the Dub and Outsider celebrating in the ring together. This would also lead to a feud between NM and the Nobodies... where the Nobodies are Money Inc's assasains and tag champs.

LC wanted this plan to be more shocking, so we tossed around a few ideas and he thought of the most shocking plan... To have me win the match and take the TNA title. I thought it would be kewl to have this happen and he went ahead with it. LC had to adjust plans to make it seem like he didnt want me in the match, this is where I would assault him and he would come back against me and not include me in the match.

Well, the plan then became putting Innovator in the match and he would just let me go ahead and take his spot but I suggested that Innovator injure his leg in the Hell in a cell and then reinjure it at the hands of Evil Rick forcing him not to participate. LC decided to use this plan and try to make me seem like a jobber going into the match, and it worked...

There's alot more that went on backstage with alot of changes, and calculations etc... some minor details to add to the big payoff, but there's too many to menition. But Savior really did help in bringing out this kayfabe feud between LC and I. As a matter of fact I mentioned the other day how Savior's website has really helped push our feud . Everyone's been involved and helping this storyline even if they aren't aware and that's how it became so calculated.

From Azriel winning the Xtreme title, to Evil Rick taking Innovator out... To Naitch and MVP's posts against me. One of the most crucial promo's I did was involving myself on the phone with a mystery man. Just so every one get's this straight, it was not NM, it was really meant to be LC. Haha, It's been fun sitting back watching it all unfold even though at times I felt like dropping this whole angle. LC kept me in it and insisted this was a good plan, and it was.

So, the problems I have right now are with my computer which causes errors and d/c's on me all the time, that's the reason my posts haven't been frequent. I can only use my proper computer half of the week, but I'll make a promo about this whole angle soon enough. Naitch, you shouldn't be upset about this since you're not gonna go down as a loser, you're still credible and you'll get your revenge in character soon enough.

And just so everyone get's this clear, the only people who knew were Innovator, Lc and myself. NM knew alittle bit about this, he didn't know I was winning the title though.

Stolen form invisible.